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Skøyen’s friendliest eatery

We all have to eat, and in the future more and more of us will be opting to eat out. This may be on the go, or around a well-laid table with family, friends or colleagues. At Askekroken 11, on Skøyen in Oslo you’ll find a restaurant that may quickly become your next favourite. Welcome to Skøien Gastrobar.

Experience and gut feeling

If you would like a great meal, served by people who really care about their job, you should visit Skøien Gastrobar. Salar Noori is the restaurant manager and the very definition of a friendly and welcoming person.

“Everyone is welcome here with us,” he smiles.

Salar Noori runs the restaurant at Skøyen, backed by a team of seven permanent employees and four part-timers.

“Together we take on the challenges that arise, and together we create new opportunities. We also share responsibility for the results.”

This jovial restaurant manager has extensive experience from the industry. Prior to joining 4Service in 2020, he worked for Scandic, Fursetgruppen and Mr. Bay at Tjuvholmen.

“When I first entered the premises at Skøien Gastrobar, I had a really good feeling. My team and I can build something here, I thought.”

All his life, Salar Noori has followed his gut feeling, and it hasn’t let him down so far.

“I really love and enjoy my hectic everyday life. It’s important for me to be part of the customer service. I’ve never been tempted by the life behind a PC,” he chuckles.

He has come up through all the ranks in the service industry and knows that a good manager helps before this becomes absolutely necessary.

“The energy in a restaurant is pretty unique. I want to be out on the floor, making sure the guests are enjoying themselves. The best feedback is when a guest’s face lights up at the sight of their food!”

Last year brought both ups and downs for Salar Noori and his staff. For the first six months they were all on temporary suspension, but in August they could finally open the doors again.

“I remember unlocking the door and going into the room. It was a strange, but nice feeling to be back. I stood looking around for a minute – but then I had to roll up my sleeves and get started.”

Salar Noori laughs out loud as he describes all the tasks that need to be done before a restaurant that has been closed for six months can reopen.

“For the first month there was a lot of administrative work, but from September the first guests were back. I don’t think I’ve been so happy in years as when the orders started pouring in,” says the restaurant manager.

Salar Noori
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Updated menu

In 2021, Skøien Gastrobar also spent time on updating the menu and wine list. Salar Noori enthusiastically describes the work on the new menus:

“One of the things we spent our extra time on last year was reviewing our menus. Our goal is to always serve simple, but tasty and well-cooked food.”

The Oslo West restaurant is not based on fine dining with white tablecloths. The aim is a relaxed mood, with a good atmosphere.

“Our new menu is of high quality and is adjusted according to the season. The four seasons each have their own menu, and I think our guests will appreciate both the tastes and flavours, and the variety of our dishes,” Salar Noori explains.

The wine list has also changed and will be an important part of the restaurant’s future.

“Both my headwaiter and I myself are trained sommeliers. We know how important the right wine is for creating great meals and experiences. We’ve previously concentrated on the Burgundy wine region in France. Going forward, we’ll look to the whole world to ensure high quality at favourable prices.”

Future table reservations

Salar Noori has a clear, but simple perception of how to stay successful in the future, with even more reservations and satisfied guests:

“We must always be better than we were yesterday. In the service industry, we rely on people enjoying their visit and having a good time. This naturally also applies to our, guests, but also to our staff. A good restaurant has employees who enjoy their work, and not just people who show up at work to serve or cook.”

Skøien Gastrobar has learned lessons from the pandemic and is geared up for the future.

“No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but the last two years have taught us that the ability to adapt is vital. We’ve made sound plans and will make full use of the many opportunities ahead,” Salar Noori concludes.