Tor R nhovde

Introduction by Tor

Many of us regard 2020 as an extraordinary year. The pandemic reached Norway, and the rest of that year will go down in history. For us at 4Service, 2021 was just as special. A year filled with great ups and downs, right up until the Christmas break. Several lockdowns throughout Norway presented significant challenges for many of our customers, which in turn affected some parts of our operations. Elsewhere in our Group, some activities did better than ever. 2021 set a number of sales and revenue records that surprised and delighted, and also consolidated the finances of the rest of the Group. Most important of all: These upturns made us confident that we were heading for better times. Confidence that could be leveraged for important investments, withdrawal of temporary suspension notices and a higher pace throughout the organisation

In the course of almost 12 years, 4Service has grown to become a major player in the service and catering industry. Today, we have about 4,000 employees and are present throughout most of Norway, with a varied range of services within food, cleaning, office services and catering. This growth is set to continue over the next few years. As from 2022, we aim for further expansion within Norway, but have also drawn up a concrete plan for competing on a Nordic scale. The unique culture of 4Service has brought us a long way here in Norway. I strongly believe in our further growth beyond Norway’s borders through strategic acquisitions, combined with active expansion of our knowledge, level of customer care, technological solutions, and our unique corporate culture.

Most annual reports naturally turn the spotlight on what lies behind us. At 4Service, we always focus most on what the future has in store, because we can still influence the future. This is why we have named this annual report the Annual Report for the Future. In a number of articles, we take our readers on a journey through our Group. You will learn more about colleagues who have faced some tough times, continued to deliver in extraordinary circumstances and also planned our further growth. In this way, the past and the future are united, as stories that I hope will engage and inspire you as a reader.

Tor Rønhovde
CEO 4Service